“I just need a technician to look at this…”

Not sure who can service and expand your system? At Omni-Tel, our technicians are trained on a wide variety of telephone and data communication products. Please ask if our technical team can help you. We’ll deliver the level of service you need.

Whatever your system may be, getting it back up and running is sometimes a simple matter of basic troubleshooting. Whether it’s an outside line fault, a failed power supply or an internal cable fault, more often than not the problem can be sorted out quickly and economically.

A basic service call can help to get you out of a tight spot and back in business. If it’s simply not in the budget to buy a brand new system, we can assess your present system’s condition and let you know if an economical repair or expansion is possible or suggest an economical alternative. 

Omni-Tel’s maintenance team can help you with rearranging sets, adding that extra line, and moving voice or data jacks within your office.

Moves, adds, and changes can be done efficiently by our team. We have a large selection of hardware to help keep your system going for a little while longer.

Please call us at 519-472-5995 to schedule an appointment or discuss your needs.