Nortel Phone Systems.

While the company is gone, there is still a thriving market for Nortel equipment.  With a large install base and an active used and refurbished market, Nortel systems can still be sold, fixed and replaced. There is even a supply of new never used phones.  While warranty can not be purchased, there are lots of inexpensive spare parts available. 

Our decades of experience and industry contacts allow us to keep servicing your Nortel phone system and we can help you keep your investment running until it is time to upgrade to a new system. Omni-Tel’s maintenance team can also help you with all your programming needs. 

Moves, adds, and changes can be done efficiently by our team. We have a large selection of station and trunk expanders to help keep your system going for a little while longer.

Please call us at 519-472-5995 to schedule an appointment or discuss your needs.